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LCMS, a domestic blockchain-based distribution service platform that puts a higher value on practicality, said it intends to launch a platform for all personnel who have suffered losses from the ills and false information of the existing distribution market.

By creating its market within the platform, it provides services by providing a space where each other can make profits without barriers.

LCMS allows users to directly confirm the information of all products by using blockchain technology. Such as home source management, distribution process management, production facility management. etc.


Besides, users can get rewards within the platform through reviews and personal content ownership, and it largely enhances the trust between users.

An undisclosed official stated that "LCMS provides a new consumer-oriented platform service, and intend to create a new system that has not been seen until now, such as participation of consumers in product development.“

“In the existing market, consumers often make losses due to false information or companies that pursue an unconscionable profit structure. LCMS is a virtuous cycle project based on realizing value through blockchain, and building honestly with consumers,” he added.

The foundation of the LCMS project is known for “LCM Science Co., Ltd.” that produces and distributes and merchandizes functional cosmetics, general foods, health functional foods, and non-medical goods. Have been approved and registered by the US FDA as well.

Meanwhile, with the start of the listing on the USDT market of the major global cryptocurrency exchange market Digifinex on September 28th, LCMS is looking forward to expanding its business.

Digifinex is recognized as one of the major global cryptocurrency exchange markets with high trading volumes and members from various countries.

According to an undisclosed representative, LCMS is preparing for a leap forward to a global platform beyond Korea as well.

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