About Business

"Every consumer has the right to live a better life by the supply of the fine-quality product. Now it is an era that public interest in healthcare is growing time by time, and we are emphasizing social value and responsibility to decrease victims under the products made of harmful ingredients.”

Philosophy of our blockchain-based business ecosystem

  • We are placing the practical usability of our customers as a higher value than on the technological superiority of blockchain.
  • We consider our clients as the fundamental ground of our business’s success.
  • Whenever we use the data or private information created by platform participants, we are providing an equal amount of value to our customer's information.
  • Anyone can manage the data they produced of the product they've created.
  • The blockchain system is a paradigm shift that will function as a source of rewards by converting everything that has been placed only in the process so far into value and fully authorizing its value.

About Business

Structure of the platform

LCMS platform is the central hub for LCMS COIN users. Place where LCM Science and LCMS COIN users create their own community and communicate as well.



LCMS COIN Burn & Mint

LCMS COIN has a designated quarter for donations. Whenever a donor wants to donate, they purchase LCMS COINs from the foundation. And LCMS COIN holders can donate their LCMS COINs. Donated LCMS COINs are incinerated when using for public interest projects such as supporting underdeveloped countries and the underprivileged, and LCMS coins will be reissued in case 10% of the coins are incinerated. When running out of the LCMS COIN donation amount, regular LCMS COIN will be a substitution. Incineration over donations will further increase the value of LCMS COIN.

LCMS COIN Payment Discount

Cash and LCMS COINs will be used on every trade that is made in LCM Science. However, differentiate in the discount offers you the chance of getting a discount when trading LCMS COINs. In addition, all transactions of LCMS COIN will be recorded on the blockchain, which makes you get a discount by cumulative purchase. Raw material suppliers can receive LCMS COIN rewards by recording the home source of raw materials on the blockchain.

LCMS COIN Buyback & Point

Including LCMS COINs, LCM Science will use 10% of business profits for the activation of its platform. Much of the above 10% that LCM Science affords to activate the platform will be used for ‘LCMS COIN Operation Policy’. Accordingly, some of the above 10% will buy back LCMS COINs from the exchange market, which is assumed to be increasing the value of LCMS COINs. Further, some will airdrop LCMS COINs to purchase points from the LCMS Wallet and use them equivalent to cash or convert them into cash. The exchange rate is determined by matching the holding amount of the LCMS COIN holder with the funds deposited in the LCMS Wallet. Therefore, points can be purchased in proportion to the holding amount. The wallet usage charge will be further noticed.


LCMS COIN Allocation

1 billion LCMS COINs will be issued. The initial issue price will be USD 0.09, and further to be distributed as follow.

  • Crowd Distribution / 600 million LCMS
  • Management / 300 million LCMS
  • developing the platform / 100 million LCMS

Crowd Distribution

▪ Pre-Exchange: Pre-exchange will further be separately noticed, and LCMS COINs that are not exchanged will be transferred to LCM NOVA reserves and processed for the purpose of Airdrop, Buyback, or Incinerated or Use Donation according to the ‘LCMS COIN Operation Policy’.
▪ Investment institution: LCMS COIN will be distributed as a dividend for investing LCMS COIN platform.
▪ Partnership: Distributed considering the contribution of suppliers that have a partnership with LCM Science, such as raw material producers, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Management / 300 million LCMS

▪ A token owned and managed by the company for marketing and business management.

Developing the platform / 00 million LCMS

▪ LCMS COIN platform will improve into a "comprehensive life-friendly" platform that can purchase not only LCM Science products but also various products by distributing LCMS COIN that is used for platform development is used for the further improvement and operation of the LCMS COIN platform.


Road Map

2020 Q3
  • LCMS listed on an international exchange market
  • Portable COVID-19 diagnostic kit development completed (US FDA approval received)
  • KF94 mask / dental mask production and supply (US FDA approval completed) (CE approval completed)
  • Patent attained for a controller and a reset method for solar lighting system (10-2020-0109608)
  • Patent attainted for a mobile house using a recycled secondary battery and a solar power generation (10-2020-0109464)
2020 Q4
  • Listed on LCMS Korea Exchange
  • Launched LCM WALLET (Android, IOS)
  • Launched LCM MALL
  • Production and distribution of portable COVID-19 diagnostic kit (diagnosable within 20 minutes) (US FDA approval completed)
2021 Q1
  • Listed on 3 LCMS international exchange markets
  • NK-T cell cultivation center completion, as well as production and distribution.
  • Acquisition completed of a company listed on the Korea Stock Market (KOSDAQ)
2021 Q2
  • By-pass listing of LCMSCIENCE Co., Ltd. in Korea Stock Market (KOSDAQ)
  • LCMS listed on the Korean exchange market and 10 international exchange markets
  • LCM home shopping launched


People & Partner

Core Member

Chairman Byung-Hung Lee Chairman of Cellmaterafutics Co., Ltd. (Current)
The largest shareholder of Cellmaaterapeutics Co., Ltd.
Chairman of LCM Science (Current)
Graduated from the Korea University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of History.
씨Citigroup Asia Pacific Corporate Finance Corporation (1994~2008)
Director in chief, US FDA International Science Research Institute Korea Branch (2010-present)
Chief Representative, Kyrgyzstan station of Economics and Trade Affairs Office in Korea.
(Private Foundation) Director of Multicultural Global Community Center (Scholarship Foundation) (Current)
Junghyun Ra Graduated from Sungkyunkwan University.
EO of Sisa Economy (former).
Professor of Korea Digital University (Current)
Junseok Yang Graduated from Woosuk University
College of Oriental Medicine, Professor of Woosuk University College of Oriental Medicine (former)
Head of Oriental Medicine Yang-Saeng Chae Ga (current)
Siha Park Graduated from Busan National University, Department of Visual Communication
Dongseo University, Master of Service Engineering
Manager of Visual Communication Team, Design Research Institute of Hyundai Heavy Industries
International Marketing, City of Dreams Manila
International Marketing, Imperial Pacific Holdings in Saipan
Creative Director of LCM Science (Current)