The core of LCMS business

LCMS is building a virtual world based on real business,
not a virtual business, to build an on/offline business environment
with advanced substantivity and safety.

LCMS is a platform for “sharing benefits of health and electricity civilization.
All LCMS platform participants can choose real economy or metaverse to trade health
and electricity; individuals, corporates, groups of the world can participate in
LCMS business via their smartphone or personal computers.

If they want the real world, they can
participate in the business of the real world,
and if they want to participate in the business
of the metaverse mirror world, they can
participate in the metaverse business. If the
user intends to participate in the businesses
while shifting between the real world and the
metaverse world, they can.

The core of LCMS business

Business mining

On the LCMS platform, many participants share
their idea, and these ideas join together to realize
a new business or help economic activity by offering new ideas for
existing businesses; in LCMS ecosystem, being rewarded for these
activities are called business mining. Users with contributions
by participating in business mining by ideas, etc., can receive rewards
provided by LCMS ecosystem.

LCMS Business Model

By providing an energy business platform, LCMS Foundation will provide
a system that related individuals can commercialize. On this energy
business platform, the business ideas collected will be reborn as energy
businesses under the support of LCMS. LCMS calls this as business mining,
and commercialized ideas will be expanded and operated with the reward.
Additionally, the energy business platform is connected to the metaverse
platform, expanding to a bigger business industry. LCMS's platform will grow as
it is utilized in various ways, by different individuals, private corporations,
and the public field. All kinds of activities on the platform, including
business mining, will be followed by rewards, and all rewards and trades will
be made transparently with blockchain technology.

LCMS Business Model

The energy solution business promoted by LCMS Foundation is being
successfully promoted by having a three-dimensional support system that
consists of key figures of the central government, heads of local governments,
members of local governments, Korean Electric Power Corporation,
expert assets management companies, etc.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for LCM Energy Solution
Battery Factory / Media news and journals

The first secondary battery finished product manufacturing factory
is being built in Naju Innovation Industrial Complex. LCM Energy
Solution Co. Ltd. a manufacturer of secondary batteries including
lithium-ion battery packs has held a groundbreaking ceremony at
Naju Innovation Industrial Complex, the industrial complex specialized
in energy, and has begun building a research lab and a factory.
LCM Energy Solution is planning to finish the construction of the lab
and the factory and create jobs for 250 people, and planning to invest
additional 400 million Dollars by 2025 to create more jobs
as the second step.


ISO 13485




LCMS Ecosystem

① High efficiency

It is fundamentally impossible to randomly change or modify the data in a
blockchain. Also, the trade recorded on the blockchain cannot be deleted,
and real-time payment and balance accounts can be made for the establishment
of a robust network and efficient transaction of services

② LCMS Token Usage

LCMS is designed for platform users to be provided with fair and reasonable benefits
LCMS Tokens is the basic token to make the LCMS ecosystem live, and used as an
exchanging measure within the LCMS platform for messenger users, purchasing
charged contents on metaverse, balance accounts for business participants, trading
quality digital assets (NFT), the LCMS platform participation reward and events,
the revenue of assets of LCMS NFT, etc.

③ Distributed Economy

Blockchain is based on distributed network and hosting, thus is free from
maintenance fee of centralized server and network equipment, and danger of
unexpected accidents.

④ Maintaining the Price of the Token

The LCMS platform has prepared several countermeasures for successful
operation and smooth token usage. The LCMS platform first prioritizes the schedule
adherence of the road map of the project and completes the LCMS business
that leads the fourth industrial revolution to minimize the number of trials and
errors during the execution process of delivering the project.

⑤ LCMS ecosystem

The ecosystem of LCMS consists of Business Participants who utilize products
produced by LCMS Foundation affiliates for their business to recreate property,
Business Miners who share business ideas on the LCMS platform and create businesses,
and Consumers who simply purchase and consume products of LCMS Foundation.
Business Participants make economic activities by
utilizing products of LCMS Foundation for their business, and they sell
produced products or goods to consumers.

⑥ Ecosystem that Protects Holders

The ecosystem of LCMS has an ecosystem to protect the profit of LCMS Token
owners apart from the ecosystem described above. With the reinvestment of
a portion of profit produced from the businesses based on the LCMS platform, the
LCMS ecosystem will be vitalized to protect the profit of token holders.

⑦ LCMS Token

LCMS is developed with ERC 20, and NFT that will be used on LCMS will be
developed with ERC-721. ERC-721 is a standard NFT, also known as certificates.
NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token. Thus each token issued as ERC-721 is not
fungible and has its unique value. The value of unique assets acquired within the
LCMS platform will be protected via NFT.


· Crowd Distribution 600 million LCM

Pre-exchange: Pre-exchange is conducted as a separate notice, and LCMS coins that have
not been exchanged will be transferred to LCM NOVA reserves and processed for the purpose of airdrops, buyback-and-burn or donations according to the ‘LCMS Coin Operation Policy’ Investment.

Institution: LCMS coins are distributed in exchange for investment in the LCMS coin platform.

Suppliers: Distributed according to the contribution of suppliers that have a cooperative relationship with LCM Science, such as raw material producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.

· Management 300 million LCM

Tokens that are managed by the company for business management such as the
marketing department, business development, etc.

· Platform development 100 million LCM

The LCMS coins that are distributed for platform development are used for the development and operation of the LCMS coin platform. Through this, the LCMS coin platform will develop into a ‘life-oriented comprehensive platform’ where you can purchase not only LCM Science products, but also various other products.



LCMS Partner